Balance of electricity

Legal basis
Legal basis for conducting this statistical survey is the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System "Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12".


Purpose of survey
Main purpose of this survey is to provide the data on electricity production (gross production – generators, own consumption, net production - power plants); electricity obtained from organizations for electricity transmission, delivered electricity to organizations for electricity transmission and to final users; delivered electricity to final users (total, energy sector, manufacturing, construction., transport, households, agriculture, and other sectors). The purpose of survey is production of annual balance on electricity.

Coverage of survey
This survey covers all companies engaging in the production electricity, electricity/thermal energy, and distributers of electricity.

Data sources
Source for the data collection is the annual questionnaire IND-4.1 referring to the data collection on annual production and consumption of electricity, and delivered and distributed electricity for companies engaging in the electricity, as well as regular statistical surveys in statistics of industry, transport, foreign trade, agriculture, forestry, and statistics of households.

Obligation to protect individual data
The data collected from companies represent an official secret and are only used for statistical purposes, and they are not individually published.

For more details on published data, methodology, and releases please see the sections below.

Data Methodology Releases