Other services

Legal basis
Statistical surveys hotels and restaurants are conducted on the basis of Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System "Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12".

Purpose of survey
The main task and aim of statistics of other services are to provide data obtained through quarterly survey on turnover of other services which are important for monitoring and analysis of cyclical changes, scope, and structure of turnover in other services.
Aimed at achieving mentioned aims, statistics of other services provides the data on the following:
• Total turnover of business entities in the quarter observed
• Total number of employees and total number of working hours.
Importance of statistics related to other services is that the results obtained through survey are used for monitoring and analysing scope, dynamics and structure of other services turnover, forimplementing international statistics obligations.

Data sources
The main data sources are companies engaged in business activity at 2010 KD in the sectors  H-Transportation and storage, J-Information and communication, K-Financial and insurance activities, L-Real estate activities, M-Professional , scientific and technical activities, N-Admonistrative and support service activities, P-Education, Q-Human health and social work activities, R-Arts, entertainment and recreation and S-Other service activities.

Obligation to protect individual data
The data is aggregated in-aggregated form used only for statistical purposes and is not published as a single on catering organizations and other business entities classified by KD 2010 in the mentioned sectors.

Data Methodology Releases Forms Quality reports