Other services based on the administrative source of data

Legal basis

Statistical survey on the Other Services Index is conducted on the basis of the Law on Official Statistics and the Official Statistics System ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 18/12).

Aim of the survey

The aim of the survey is to measur the dynamics of turnover in service activities.

The results obtained by the survey are used to monitor and analyze the volume, dynamics and structure of turnover in service activities and to meet international statistical obligations.

Data sources and coverage

The survey is based on the administrative source of data (Department of Public Revenues).

Coverage is based on the EU Regulation no. 1165/98 for short-term statistics (Appendix D) and its amendments. The survey is fully in line with the concepts and definitions from mentioned Regulation. Total turnover in service activities is covering companies in Montenegro that have submitted VAT registration to the Department of Public Revenues .

Calculation method has changed and the data sources has become administrative since January 2018. Statistical Office of Montenegro, from the I quarter of 2018 is conduting a quarterly survey of the Turnover Index in Services from the administrative source (Department of Public Revenues). From 2014 to 2018, Statistical Office of Montenegro conducted a quarterly survey based on a stratified sample and reporting method. Data derived from an administrative source and a stratified sample are not comparable due to different methods of data coverage and data processing.

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