Data on average wages show wages  paid in the month and are obtained from the regular monthly survey monthly report on employees and wages (Form RAD-1).

The survey covered enterprises, institutions, cooperatives and organizations of all types of property as part of their Units, the organizational and geographic basis, starting from the level of municipalities.
'' The employee's  wage is gross wage , which includes earnings for work performed and time spent at work, increased salary, wage compensation and other personal benefits, which are subject to tax on personal income, as stipulated by law, collective agreement or employment contract.'' Article 78 of the Law on Labour  (Official Gazette of Montenegro''  49/08) and Article 1 of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Compulsory Social Security (''Official Gazette of Montenegro'' 79 from December 23, 2008).
The average salary is calculated by dividing the total amount of salaries paid in the month by the number of employees affected by payments made.
Salaries and wages without taxes and contributions is salary diminished by taxes and contributions  paid by employee.
Real average salaries and wages is the ratio of the average nominal salary and wages and consumer price index.


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