Dear visitors,

Statistical Office of Montenegro - MONSTAT is competent body for the production of official statistics. National and international public recognizes MONSTAT role as a provider of official statistics in Montenegro’s statistical system.

As the statistical leader, MONSTAT is obliged to collect data, processes and disseminate statistics performed in independent, professional, transparent and highly expert manner.
In our work, we rely on contemporary European trends related to the production of  statistics and we try to adapt our  work to rules of the supreme European statistics body Eurostat.
Our mission is the production of statistics that will be used by citizens, government and scientific research institutions, media and other users of statistics allowing them easy and quick access to the results of that conduct.
Strengthening of the cooperation of MONSTAT  general public is also one of the important objectives of our future work in order that job we perform  will be more transparent, more accessible and visible to the public-both local, and international.
We want you to find on our se the information you need, and if something cannot be found on our website please contact us by mail: contact@monstat.org