The 2023 Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings

Census of population, households, and dwellings is the largest and most complex statistical survey in terms of scope and contents, and is implemented every ten years, in line with the uniform standards of UN and European Commission.


Legal basis

Legal basis for implementation of the 2023 Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings is the Law on Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 140/22 of 16 December 2022), and the Decree on Establishing Period of Implementing Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings, and Reference Moment of Census (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 025/23 of 6 March 2023).

Description of survey

Purpose of Census is to collect data on total number and territorial distribution of main census units (inhabitants, households, and dwellings), main demographic, educational, migration, economic, and other characteristics, at the level of country, local self-government units, and settlements. Population censuses are the basis for population estimates in period between censuses, and they serve for projections on number of populations.

Importance of Census is twofold from the statistical aspect:

• Source of data at the lowest level of territorial units – level of settlement (there are obtained data on specific groups of population – demographic, geographic, migration, ethnic and cultural, educational, economic activity, and other characteristics of population). Data on dwellings refer to size of dwelling, number of rooms, equipment of installation, and other issues. Data on households refer to number of members and structure of household and family;

• Sample frame for all sample-based survey with the household base. A special importance of census data is for all policies which country creates, since the base data of every policy is population, regardless of the area of work: health, education, employment, economic development, human rights.

Results of the Census serve, in addition to the analysis of state assessed by the Census, also for the analysis of changes compared to the previous censuses, as well as prognoses of future trends of an appropriate phenomenon.

The Census is implemented as of on day 31 October 2023, at midnight, which is considered to be the reference moment of the Census.

Protection of individual data

Protection of individual data is envisaged by the Law on Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 140/22 of 16 December 2022).

More information on released data, methodology, and releases you can find in the sections below.