User satisfaction report

The Statistical Office has adopted the Quality Management Strategy, the Guidebook to the Implementation of the Quality Management Strategy, as well as the Plan for the Implementation of the Quality Policy. In order to measure the degree to which fulfills obligations towards users and within the new quality policy, the Statistical Office for the first time conducted User satisfaction survey. Data collection was carried out through a web survey, in the period from 1 September to 20 October, 2017.

The survey objectives relate to:

• Measuring user satisfaction for all aspects of MONSTAT work;

• Measurement of user satisfaction with data and services, as well as the way in which data / information reach to users;

• Identification of user needs and familiarity with the official documents of the MONSTAT, as well as the ways in which they can be included in the work of the MONSTAT and in general the Statistical System of Montenegro;

• Determining the ways and purposes of using MONSTAT services.

The results of the survey will serve as a basis for continuous work on improving the quality of data and services, as well as for the development of action plans in the field of quality assurance of the work of the MONSTAT. At the same time, this survey represents the first step in strengthening communication with data users in order to meet their needs. 

Here you can download User satisfaction report 595 KB.