European Statistics Day

Today, on 20 October, Statistical Office celebrates the European Statistics Day as an opportunity to stress the key role of official statistics for decision makers and development of fast-changing society.

Statistics is necessary for understanding social, economic, and other challenges we are facing, and enables decision making for the development of country based on objective, relevant, reliable and internationally comparable data.

The aim of celebration of this date is to raise awareness on importance of statistics and use of statistical data in all areas of life.

The mission of statistical system of Montenegro is to provide reliable, quality, timely and internationally comparable results of official statistics for needs of all users. Production of official statistical data is done based on statistical standards, by using modern technologies, and respecting statistical confidentiality.

Herewith, for the needs of all users, official statistics collects, processed and publishes data from different statistical areas, such as: demography social statistics, employment, tourism, foreign trade, prices, environment, agriculture, National Accounts, etc.

A continuous dialogue with users for the purpose of meeting better their needs can bring significant benefits, as well as more quality and faster creation of policies that improve people lives. In line with this year motto of European Statistics Day, Statistical Office will continue to change and develop by using reliable statistical methods, modern technologies and new data sources for the official statistics production, by which it will enable data based on which the entire society will be better and faster developed.

European Statistics Day