Consumer price indices July 2020

Prices of goods and services for personal consumption, measured by consumer price index, in July 2020, as compared to June 2020, decreased by 0.3% on average. Consumer prices in July 2020, as compared to July 2019, decreased by 0.5% on average. This was influenced mostly by decrease in prices of: garments; shoes and other footwear; vegetables; milk, cheese and eggs; fruit; equipment for the reception, recording and reproduction of sound and pictures.

Observing by main groups by purpose of consumption, in July 2020, as compared to June 2020, monthly decrease of prices was noticed in the following groups: Clothing and footwear (-3.6%); Food and non-alcoholic beverages (-0.5%); Recreation and culture (-0.3%); Communication (-0.2%); Restaurants and hotels (-0.2%), while increase of prices was recorded in the following groups: Transport (1.5%) and Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (0.1%).

Prices of other products and services mostly remained unchanged.