Number of livestock and poultry, production of milk, wool and eggs in Montenegro in 2019

The total number of cattle in 2019 is 81 432, which compared to 2018 represent decrease of 2.2%. The number of cattle aged up to one year increased, cattle aged 1-2 years at the level of last year, while the number of cattle older than 2 years decreased by 3.5% compared to 2018.
In 2019, the total number of sheep were 182 127, and compared with 2018 represent the decrease by 2.6%, while the total number of goats were 28 754 and decreased by 1%.

The number of pigs and poultry in 2019 are in the decrease, compared with 2018 represent decrease 2.4% for pig and 4.6% for poultry.