The basic prerequisite for the development of statistical systems is to establish a statistical registers on which the most important statistical surveys are based on. The most important strategic objective in this area is to establish a statistical business register, which is the main source of data for most statistical studies in business statistics, and the central role in national accounts. Statistical business register is organized to show the allocation of institutional units, and profiling of the companies and local government is used for getting  units by type of activity  and local units by the type of activity.
Good statistical registers have a dual role. One is to raise the quality of collected data, the conduct of updated records of changes in statistical units and the other, equally important, cost of implementation of statistical research through well-selected representative samples of the studied phenomenon. Reducing the costs of conducting statistical surveys is particularly important because of its increasing number of statistical surveys and for adding new features and content in the statistical system.

In the Statistical Office of Montenegro apart from the statistical business register it is used the register of spatial units (Territorial), which is the basis for the interconnection of databases. It contains information on basic spatial units: municipalities and populated areas, local communities, statistical and census districts.


Data Methodology Releases