Legal basis 
Legal basis for conducting statistical surveys in the area of education statistics is Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12).


 Purpose of survey
Education statistics collect, process, and publish the data for all levels of education in Montenegro: pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher education. The purpose of education statistics is to present the data on pre-primary institutions, primary and secondary schools, and higher education institutions, structure and change in number of pupils, students, and teachers, on results of education at all levels. The science statistics collect, process, and publish the data on scientific potential of Montenegro.

Data sources and coverage
The data on pre-primary, primary, and secondary education refer to a school year. Surveys for primary and secondary education are conducted at the beginning and at the end of a school year. The data on students enrolled refer to an academic year, while the data on finished studies, i.e. qualifications attained, refer to a calendar year.
Statistical surveys in the area of education cover all education institutions, primary schools (main primary schools and separate departments), secondary schools and higher education institutions, working according to the programme approved by competent ministry, regardless of their type of ownership. Statistical surveys in the area of science cover both public and private scientific and research organisations (institutes, research and development units, and faculties – academies).

Obligation to protect individual data
The data obtained from reporting units are only used for statistical purposes and they are published at the aggregated (cumulative) level.

For more details on published data, methodology, and releases please see the sections below.

Pre- primary education Primary education Secondary education Higher education