Marriages and divorces

Legal basis
Data are collected in accordance with the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12), and Annual Plan of Statistical Surveys which is published in Official Gazette of Montenegro for next year.


Purpose of survey
Marriage and divorce statistics has aim to produce data that enable basic demographic analysis of the population at the national or municipality level. Data are the basis for calculating a set of analytical demographic indicators used for the purpose of assessing any present or future structure of the population.

Sources and coverage
Data on marriages are collected through local administrative units and the data on divorces through municipal courts responsible for divorces.

Statistics of marriages cover marriages concluded according to the valid legal regulations on marriages, and registered in the Registry Office, while statistics of divorces cover divorces ended by courts.

Protection of individual data
Data obtained from reporting units are only used for statistical purposes, and they are published in the aggregated form.


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