Satellite accounts in tourism

Legal basis

Statistical survey – Tourism Satellite Accounts is conducted on the basis of Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System "Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12".


Purpose of survey

Purpose of survey on tourism satellite accounts is to measure economic effects of tourism based on the comparison of demands generated by tourism for products and services and their offer. The survey analyses in details all aspects of demand for products and services related to visitor activities, operative connection with offer of these products and services in economy, and describes the relation of offer with all other economic aspects.

Coverage of survey

Tourism satellite accounts cover hotels and restaurants, and organisations that provide accommodation service to tourists (hotels, motels, camps, resorts) or that arrange these services (agencies). This survey also covers persons that provide accommodation services in private houses and rooms. The survey is conducted in the full coverage (21 municipalities in Montenegro).

Data source

As the basis and reference framework to compile pilot tourism satellite accounts for Montenegro in 2009, there were used official NA data of Statistical Office of Montenegro 2009 and balance of payment data of Central Bank of Montenegro. Other used data sources are the following:

-  Monthly report on arrivals and overnight stays of tourists in accommodation facilities (TU-11 questionnaire) – regular survey of Statistical Office of Montenegro
- Results of survey Interviewing Tourists in Montenegro 2009 (National tourist Organisation, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro and GTZ- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit)
-  Household Budget Survey (HBS) – regular survey of Statistical Office of Montenegro
-  Miscellaneous (data of airports Podgorica and Tivat, etc.)
-  Trips of household members – pilot survey of Statistical Office of Montenegro

Obligation to protect individual data

Results obtained through survey are published in the aggregated form not allowing the access to individual data on hotels and restaurants, and on entities providing accommodation services for tourists.

For more details on published data, methodology, and releases please see the sections below.

Data Methodology Releases