Indices of physical volume of industrial production

What is the purpose of survey?

The purpose of survey Monthly Report on Industry IND-1 is to calculate index of physical volume of industrial production, i.e. to monitor monthly changes in physical volume of production of industrial products produced and sold by enterprises in the market. Indices of physical volume of industrial production represent important economic indicators that can be used to create economic policy; to monitor trends of economic activities; and to use especially for national accounts needs.

What is the legal basis and methodology for conducting the survey?

Legal basis for conducting this statistical survey is the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12 from 30 March 2012).

Methodological bases:

Main regulation that defines contents, coverage, classifications, and other rules related to conducting this survey is Regulation (EC) No 1165/98.

In addition to the Law on Statistics and Statistical System of Montenegro, this survey is conducted according  to  Classification of activities, NACE Rev.2. (Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community).

Sources and coverage

The data sources for this survey are questionnaires downloadable under section Questionnaires.

Coverage: Indices of physical volume of industrial production cover the following sectors: B (Mining and quarrying), C (Manufacturing), and D (Electricity, gas, steam and air- conditioning  supply).

 For more details on published data, methodology, and releases please see the sections below.

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