Census 2011 data - Settlements

Article 9 of the Law on Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in 2011 (" Official Gazette of Montenegro ", 41/10 of 23 July 2010, 44/10 of 30 July 2010, 75/10 of 2 December 2010 ) provides that for the needs of the Census population uses the territorial division of Montenegro on the settlements valid on the day this Law entered in force (23 July 2010). The lists and border of units of local government are submitted to the Statistical Office in legally stipulated time.

Table N1. Population by etnicity by settlement  593KB

Table N2. Population by mother tounge by settlement  506KB

Table N3. Population by religion by settlements  348KB

Table N4. Population by age and sex by settlement  581KB

Table N5. Population 15 age and over by age and marital status by settlements  962KB

Table N6. Population 15 and over by educational attainment by setlement  219KB

Table N7. Population 10 and over by illiteracy and setlement  137KB

Table N8. Population aged 15 and over by activity status by sex and setlements  349KB

Table N9. Population which atending uper than secondary school as students, masters or PhD  137KB