The Quality Management Strategy

The Quality Management Strategy is a strategic development document in the field of quality assurance in the statistical system of Montenegro. Statistical Office, as the most significant coordinator of statistical system has a legal obligation, together with other producers of official statistics to continuously and systematically deal with the quality enhancement.

The Quality Management Strategy determines the basic elements of quality management systems, which are based on the Code of Practice of European statistics, as well as the manner of their accomplishments.

This is a document that will be revised and changed in the medium term, i.e. supplemented and it will serve as a ground for the preparation of action plans in the field of quality assurance (short-term, medium-term and long-term).

The purpose of the Quality Management Strategy is to implement and apply the principles of the TQM model, (Total quality management) that represent a common framework for the quality of the European Statistical System. It is a systemic and organized model which goal is to meliorate the quality of the results of official statistics and enhance the quality of its production. The TQM model is based on the processes of planning, organizing, controlling and continuously improving production of results of official statistics, with the participation of all employees. 

Here you can download The Quality Management Strategy 2020-2023.

Here you can download The Quality Management Strategy 2017-2020.