With a view to improving statistical culture and knowledge as well as meeting official statistics users’ needs, the Government shall establish the Council of Statistical System (hereinafter referred to as the “Council”) as an advisory and professional body, as defined in the Chapter IV in the Law of official statistics and official statistical system (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12).

Statistical Council as an advisory and professional body who provide expert opinions and proposals on:

1) Strategic issues of official statistics and statistical system;
2) Draft Development Strategy, draft Programme, draft Annual Plan, and draft report on the
implementation of the Annual Plan;
3) Draft laws and other legal acts related to the official statistics;
4) Cases when the bodies keeping the administrative data sources fail to provide data required for
statistical purposes compliant with this Law;
5) Development and improvement of official statistics system and international cooperation;
6) Raising the level of knowledge of both statistical producers and data users;
7) Official statistics system functioning;
8) The need for conducting the census; introducing, revising or suspending large statistical
surveys; infrastructure projects and financial sources for their implementation;
9) Guidance for implementation of official statistics principles, and
10) Other issues of relevance for the functioning of the official statistical system.

The members of the Council shall be appointed by the Government upon the proposal of the minister of finance.

The members of the Council shall be appointed for a five-year period, with a possibility of being re-appointed.

Director of the competent body shall be the member of the Council ex officio.

The Council shall have 17 members from: Competent body – 2 members; Central Bank of Montenegro – 1 member; Ministry – 2 members; State administration body responsible for internal affairs – 1 member; State administration body responsible for customs affairs – 1 member; State administration body responsible for tax affairs – 1 member; Securities Commission – 1 member; Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare – 1 member; Health Insurance Fund; Institute for Public Health of Montenegro – 1 member;  Business associations – 1 member; Non-government organisations – 1 member; Scientific and research institutions – 1 member.

The Council shall have the president and vice president elected from among the members of the Council.

The Council shall have a secretary appointed from among the employees of the competent body.

The manner of work of the Council shall be closely defined by the rules of procedure.

Professional opinions and proposals of the Council shall be published on the Council’s website.

Expert and administrative tasks for the Council shall be performed by the competent body.

For purpose of dealing with issues from the scope of its work, the Council may establish commissions, expert groups, and other working bodies.