Classification of crime offenses

Classifications of criminal offenses are the basis for the collection and dissemination of data in the field of justice statistics, i.e. crime. They are a necessary statistical instrument that enables the perception of the situation and the monitoring of crime, as well as the international comparability of data.

The National Classification of Criminal Offenses includes every criminal offense provided for in the Criminal Code of Montenegro and is applied in statistical surveys on adult and juvenile offenders, in accordance with the Methodological Guideline for Judicial Statistic.

The International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS) is a hierarchical framework that systematically groups and organizes criminal offences. The classification is based on internationally agreed concepts, definitions and principles to improve the consistency and international comparability data of crime statistics. The international classification is designed to be used in its original state, but can be adapted to national specifics. The application of the International Classification is important for the purpose of reporting to international institutions about crime statistics and forms the basis for international comparability data of crime statistics.