List of municipalities

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Full title:

List of municipalities, 2022



Originating authority:

Statistical office of Montenegro - MONSTAT

Legal basis:

Law on uniform records and register territorial units ("Official Journal SRCG", No.43/90, 27/94).

This law regulates the content, implementation and management of unique records of the territorial units register and territorial units in the territory of Montenegro, and obligations of agencies, organizations and communities arising from the introduction and management of unique records and the registry.

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List of municipalities, 2018


Municipal authorities, organizations and units responsible for maintaining records of data in Article 3 Law on uniform records and register territorial units are required to regularly provide such data to the Statistical Office and the state agency responsible for geodetic works and to enable him to verification of the submitted data.

Detailed description:

List of municipalities is presented in a list containing:

-       Code of the municipality

-       Name of the municipality

Linked classification(s):

List of settlements 2010

Main statistical applications:

Demographic statistics for the census, dissemination of all statistical surveys are conducted and published on the settlements level.

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List of municipalities 2022

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List of municipalities 2022


Law on uniform records and territorial units register "Official Journal SRCG", No.43/90, 27/94