Structural statistics

Legal basis 

Legal basis for preparation, organization, and conducting the census of agriculture is Law on Conducting Census of Agriculture 2010 (Official Gazette of Montenegro 54/09, 14/10). Legal basis for conducting three-year survey on the structure of agricultural holdings is Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12).
Purpose of survey
The main purpose of structural statistics is to provide accurate, complete, and internationally comparable data on the structure of agricultural holdings. The structural statistics is conducted every ten years through the census of population, and three-year survey on the structure of agricultural holdings. 
As the basis for the harmonisation with the EU standards, the following legal frameworks were used:
Regulation (EC) No 1166/2008 of the European Parliament, of the Council of 19 November 2008 on farm structure surveys, and the survey on agricultural production methods; 
Handbook on implementing FSS and SAPM definitions; and
Handbook for typology.
Data sources
Data sources are family agricultural holdings and business entities performing the agriculture activity.
The Census covered family agricultural holdings, both legal and natural persons (business entities) that perform agriculture activity.
Three-year survey on the structure of agricultural holdings will be conducted on a sample basis in 2013, in line with the methodological bases used in the 2010 Census of Agriculture.
For more details on published data, methodology, and releases from the 2010 Census of Agriculture, please see the section Census (2010 Census of Agriculture) or here.