Reaction to article: " Unknown owners of 28 098 dwellings"

Subject: Reaction to article in daily newspaper - „Vijesti“ 

On 23 January 2013 the daily newspaper „Vijesti“ published the article on page 13: " Unknown owners of 28 098 dwellings”

With reference to the Law on Media (051/02-1. 062/02-1) Chapter VI - Right to Correction and Reply;

And with reference to the Law on Statistics and Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12), Article 11, the director of Statistical Office shall be entitled to provide public explanation in case of inaccurate interpretation or misuse of statistical data;

According to the Law on Media, Article 28, please publish our reaction to your article

Reaction to article: " Unknown owners of 28 098 dwellings"

The newspaper „Vijesti“ on 23 January 2013 published an article titled " Unknown owners of 28 098 dwellings ", and thereby misinterpreted official data, and thus incorrectly relayed the Release from Statistical Office of Montenegro.

Statistical Office of Montenegro in the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings 2011, has not collected information about the owner of the dwellings, but only the type of ownership of the dwellings (if the dwelling is owned by physical persons or the dwelling is owned by a legal entity). The data about owners are the responsibility of the Board for Property and Census have not collected data on who are the owners of the dwellings. Thus, for 28 098 dwellings is wrong to say that they we not know the owners, but finding should be read: for 28 098 flats in the Census we did not get the answer if they are owned by individuals or legal entities, or that there is no contemporary data on the ownership of the dwellings. Ownership details of 28 098 flats, were not collected because they are vacant or unoccupied dwellings.


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