INFOFEST 2012 - Informatics in Statistics

On the first day of XIX Festival of Informatics Achievements ‘INFOFEST 2012’, on 1 October 2012, Statistical Office of Montenegro presented itself for the second time with the presentation “Informatics in Statistics”.

On this occasion, the survey “Use of ICT in Montenegro” was presented. This survey was carried out for the first time in 2011. The Sector of Statistical Coordination and ICT in the Statistical Office of Montenegro is the coordinator of all activities related to the ICT survey:  preparations of questionnaire; methodological guideline; guideline for enumerators; drafting the application for data entering, control and processing; and publishing the survey results.

The presentation was consisted of three parts.

 The first part presented by Ms Milica Pavlovic was dedicated to survey aim and methodological frame of survey carried out in households and enterprises.

Within her session, Ms Marija Dzeverdanovic presented the application for entering, processing and control of data related to households and persons. Additionally, this part comprises some of the most interested results referring to both households and persons for 2011.

Ms. Branka Raicevic presented during the session the application for entering, processing, and control of data related to the use of ICT in enterprises.  In addition to the software solution, the survey results for 2011 were presented.
The public statement on behalf of Statistical Office of Montenegro made by Ms Branka Raicevic can be found at: