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Labour Force Survey 4th Quarter 2011

This release contains data received through the Labour Force Survey conducted in the fourth quarter 2011, and the observation period was from October to December 2011.. The surveying was done in 2178 households on the territory of Montenegro. The survey collected data about demographic characteristics for members of the households (6409 persons were surveyed), and data about economic activity for persons aged 15 and more (5510 persons, which makes 1.16% of the total number of interwied persons aged 15 and more).

According to data for fourth quarter in the 2011 labor force in Montenegro consist of 237.6 thousands of active population. From that number there were: 194.7 thousand employees or 82.0%; unemployed 42.9 thousands or 18.1%. The number of employees in comparison with the previous quarter has decreased 3.7% and the number of unemployed has decreased 12.6% . The activity rate for the fourth quarter 2011 is 47.4%, the employment rate is 38.8% and unemployment rate is 18.1%. Measures of the activity of the population for 15-64 age group are: the activity rate is 55.8%, the employment rate is 45.6% and the unemployment rate is 18.3%.