External trade of Montenegro January 2016

The total external trade of Montenegro for month January 2016 is EUR 99.4 million, indicating the drop of 11.3% in comparison with the same month of the previous year.   
The value of exports of goods is EUR 16.1 million, what is 38% lower compared to the same month of previous year, and imports are EUR 83.3 million, what is 3.2% less compared to the same month of previous year.    
The coverage of import by export is 19.3%, and it is lower compared to the coverage for the same period of previous year, when it was 30.2%.   
Structure of exports in accordance with the SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) the most present products are Manufactured goods classified chiefly by material – Section 6, in amount of EUR 4.8 million (consisted of: Non-ferrous metals with the amount of EUR 2.4 million, and Iron and steel with EUR 2 million).  
The structure of imports in accordance with the classification SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) is presented mostly products of Section 7 – Machinery and transport equipment with EUR 18.5 million (consisted of: Road vehicles with EUR 5.2 million, and Telecommunications and soundrecording and reproducing apparatus and equipment with EUR 4.3 million).  
Main trading partners in exports with individual basis were: Serbia (EUR 5.5 million), Italy (EUR 1.4 million) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUR 1.4 million).    

Main trading partners in imports with individual basis were: Serbia (EUR 20.2 million), China (EUR 8.3 million), and Germany (EUR 7.2 million). The highest external trade trend was with CEFTA and EU countries.