Data presented in this report are result of processing of annual reports collected form legal subjects which performed activities of research and development in Montenegro in 2014. The questionnaire used was: Annual report on research and development for scientific-research institutions and research and development units in 2014.  The data are gathered from 60 reporting units, which performed activity of research and development in the territory of Montenegro, and for 4 sectors: business – enterprise, Government, higher education and private non-profit sector. 35 of total number of units are from the higher education sector, 11 from the business enterprise sector, 11 from the Government sector and 3 from private non-profit sector.  
Key findings of this survey show that:
  •  Gross Expenditure on Research and Development - GERD in 2014.g. amounts at 0.36% GDP1. The total expenditures on R&D were 12 558 653 EUR. Current expenditures were 76.2% and capital expenditures 23.8%.
  • From the total number of the employees engaged on research and development in 2014, there were: 1 708 researchers, 299 technicians and other equivalent staff and 332 other supporting staff. Considering that R&D activities of some employees require only part-time, full-time equivalent is calculated. Expressed in full time equivalent, 600 persons were hired by contractual agreement or author’s contract working full-time in R&D.
  • According to the annual reports for 2014, there were no inventions or patents registered by the reporting units.